Vendor Requirements


Here you’ll find a list of required documentation for all vendors, and it includes documentation that will need to be updated annually.


The following 4 items are required by all vendors:

1. State of Idaho Tax ID #

You must own a registered business in the state of Idaho. Information on registering your business can be found here.

2. Idaho Seller’s Permit

If you plan to maintain your business over time, then you’ll need a regular seller’s permit which is valid until cancelled. You can find information on permits here.

3. $1,000,000 General Business Liability Insurance with Capital City Public Market listed as additional insurance

General Liability Insurance (also called Commercial Insurance or Business Insurance) is required for all small business owners, and this insurance helps protect your company or professional practice from claims of bodily injury to a customer or damage to a customer’s property resulting from using your product or service. You can often add this insurance to any existing insurance policies you have.

If you’d like recommendations, we often refer vendors to the following two insurance locations:

a. Fuhriman Insurance:

b. Campbell Risk Management:

4. 10×10 White Canopy

We’ve provided a couple of resources for where you can buy your canopy. If you know about other locations, we’d love to add those to our list as well.

Fred Meyer: Quik Shade $110-$140

Costco: Caravan $230

Canopies by Fred (more professional grade):

Eurmax (more professional grade):

Additional permits are required (on an annual basis) depending on what you will be selling:

1. ST-124 Tax Form

This form is required by all vendors every year. For the 2017 season, you can find the form here.

When you partake in any type of market, including selling as a regular vendor, you’ll need to declare your sales tax. Please take note that this is required annually irrelevant of whether you have a seller’s permit. If you have an Idaho Seller’s permit you will answer No and fill in your permit #. If you need a seller’s permit this form will act as your seller’s permit.

2. Central District Health Department (CDHD) Temporary Food Establishment Permit

This is required for all agriculture (*excludes flower farmers), specialty food (*only food meant for humans), and alcohol vendors, and it can be found here. PLEASE file this report with CDHD no later than 30 days before your first date at the market.

Even if you are considered a low-risk vendor, you’ll still need to upload the application with a stamp of approval indicating the low risk assessment. Ready-to-eat vendors will be approved their first day at market upon inspection by CDHD, so please upload your permit following your final approval. Finally, those regulated by the FDA are still required to fill out a CDHD application, and also please upload a copy of your last FDA inspection report.

3. Boise City Eating and Drinking Permit

This is required for all food vendors who will be selling food which can be eaten on site, and it can be found here. Be sure to file your application with CDHD prior to applying through Boise city.

4. City of Boise Alcohol Beverage Licensing

This is required for all vendors who will be selling alcohol, and it can be found here.

5. Nursery/Florist License

This is required for all vendors who will be selling live plants and cut flowers, and it can be found here.

6. Health certification of the kitchen where any food is prepared

7. Any additional applicable permits and licenses

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