EBT at The Market

Did you know the Market accepts food stamps?

Did you know the Market accepts food stamps? The Market received a grant from the Farmer’s Market Promotion Program (a government program) in 2009 to start accepting Electronic Benefits (EBT). The market continues to offer EBT services along with their matching Fresh Funds program.
What is Fresh Funds? Fresh Funds is a dollar for dollar matching program up to $10. Use your EBT card at the market and receive your free matching fresh funds at the same time you swipe your card. Fresh Fund dollars can be used to purchase additional fruits and vegetables at the market. Both programs enable us to extend the opportunity of purchasing healthy, local food to the 1 in 10 Idahoans who are currently using the food assistance program.
*Fresh Funds is primarily funded through vendor fees and limited sponsors.

Here’s how to use the program:

1. Come to the red market information booth with your card

2. Tell the wonderful Unitarian Volunteer at the booth how much money you would like to withdraw

3. Enter your PIN

4. Receive the wooden SCRIPT (tokens) the volunteer hands you

5. Spend your wooden SCRIPT at participating booths, just like you would cash

The wooden SCRIPT are just wooden tokens in $1 increments. $1 are only used for the EBT/Food Stamp program.

Rules for $1 Tokens – (purple tokens)

• Only food stamp recipients can purchase $1 tokens using their Idaho Quest card (EBT/Food Stamps Only).

• $1 tokens are good for most food items: fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meats, seeds, baked goods to be taken home, and plants intended for growing food.

• $1 tokens are NOT GOOD FOR: non-food items, ready-to-eat foods, hot foods.

• By law, change may not be given for purchases with $1 tokens. Where possible, vendors are encouraged to make up the difference in product to bring the purchase total to a whole $ value.

• Tokens do NOT expire and can always be used at The Capital City Public Market.

• For more information about the Idaho Food Stamp program, contact the USDA Food & Nutrition Center 503-326-5971.

Please Note: $1 Tokens should never be given as change for any reason.

Any misuse of the $1 tokens compromises our eligibility to participate in the EBT program. We greatly value the opportunity to offer this service to our customers, please help us maintain our eligibility by following these guidelines.

SNAP-EBT currency july 2016

Thank you!