Featured Vendor: Angel’s Chest Boutique

Vendor Feature CollageMary and Sean Morris are the founders of Angel’s Chest Boutique which crochets amazing hats adorned with wood carved buttons. You may have seen some of these beauties around town!

Mary was born and raised in Venezuela, and it was there that she learned the art of crochet. Her mother was a seamstress, and at the age of five Mary was always getting under the sewing table and making her mother’s job more difficult, so Mary was given her own materials to play with. Every night Mary would make and then take apart various designs, until one day she finally decided to expand on the designs and create her first set of doilies.

Nineteen years ago destiny brought Mary to the USA where she met Sean, and she has since convinced him to make fancy buttons for her hats. He finds various woods on his walks in the hills and along the river. He is sure to use only downed branches, and so his giddiness rises after each storm since he knows he’ll find a trove of treasures out in nature. Sean’s favorite woods to use are Black Walnut and Birch, the former of which he has only been able to find on his father’s own property.

Angel’s Chest Boutique started out selling hats at church shows, and if you look at their business card you will find the very first hat that was made and sold at one of these shows. They eventually found the Eagle Saturday Market and, in 2016, will be celebrating their fourth year at the Capital City Public Market.

Mary and Sean are quite proud of their products, especially since all the materials are sourced from the USA. Even the cotton is cultivated domestically, and they hope to be part of the change in helping more products be made and sold in the country. To help them with their mission, you can find their products on their Etsy site along with at the market, which starts April 16, 2016.