Featured Vendor: Arin Arthur Textiles

Featured VendorArin Arthur, the lady of Arin Arthur Textiles, has been in business for ten years making beautifully textured and dyed fabrics. She started her artistic path through her studies in school where she focused on textile design, the medium she is still actively involved with today.

About her passion, she says, “The whole reason I am in fibers is because I am in love with the feel of the fabric. Silk has so many different ‘hands,’ airy and cloud-like, buttery and heavy, nubby and solid. I just wanted to wrap up in all of them so that’s where I went. I also work in linen because I love the crisp coolness of the fabric and the fact that it just softens up over time.”

Aside from the feel of the fabric, she enjoys printing the pieces in patterns adapted from her drawings and photographs. Much of the printing is done specifically to fit the pattern pieces and shapes. This process may take more time, but it’s a labor of love for her. Her color choices tend to run on the neutral side with bursts of colors.

Arin would love to explore the Japanese tradition of Shibori, a traditional dying method. The block printing that’s practiced in India is fascinating. She would love to continue photographing textures that inspire her, and find them all over the world.

Her first product was sold at the Boise Art Museum (you can still find her work there.) You can also find her work through her website, and at various museums, boutiques, and art shows around the country, along with at the market on Saturdays, which start again on April 16, 2016.