Featured Vendor: Botanica San Mateo

fresh-market-26One of our new vendors this year, Botanica San Mateo, makes simply delicious tacos! Oscar Gomez opened his business in 2015. However, he has been selling at the market since mid-2016, and his tacos have been calling people back ever since.

Oscar especially loves 4 types of tacos: alpastor (pork marinated for multiple hours), asada (grilled steak), carnitas (simmered pork), and barbacoa (barbequed beef). While not all of these favorites are offered for others to eat, those that are offered come from a Mexican family recipe that has been passed down through generations.

If you love these tacos, and you most certainly will, then you can have them catered! Be sure to try them out first at the Saturday market. You can find Botanica San Mateo near Fork across from the elevators.