Featured Vendor: Golden Daisy Quilts

FRESH MARKET (10)Golden Daisy Quilts, owned by Cuc Huynh, started in 2007. It was born out of a 20 year sewing journey where Cuc made her own clothes, her children’s clothes, and even her wedding dress. After all those years of experience, it’s no wonder that one fateful day in Stowe, Vermont, Cuc and her then 16-year-old son stopped at a quilting store and fell in love with unusual quilting fabrics thus turning a love of sewing into a love of quilting. Of course, she had to learn to quilt which she taught herself, and she has since gone on to design her own quilting patterns. Funny enough, Cuc’s son, who’s now 25, designs his own skis clothing. It seems that sewing and quilting are simply part of who Cuc is and how she spreads her joy in the world.

The quilting patterns, which tend toward star patterns, first begin as a themed fabric of some sort. Cuc then goes on to pick two complimentary fabrics which will be used to enhance the themed fabric. Her actual quilting process involves multiple steps. First, she cuts the fabrics by hand using a rotary cutter for precision. Then she assembles the cut-fabric pieces as she gets ready to sew them, and this is done by putting the same fabric shapes and pieces together using contnuous sewing where pieces are held together by the string of thread, and together to make a small fabric block. Blocks are then sewn together to make bigger quilt blocks of 8-12″.  These larger quilt blocks are sewn together to make a runner or quilt and are connected via rectangles fabric pieces or square pieces which is referred to as “corner posting.” This whole process is termed “piecing.” After piecing is done, the quilt top is assembled with batting (middle) and backing fabric.  Finally, the quilting can now be done and the three layers (pieced top, batting, and backing) are sewn together. After a bit of final touch ups, the quilts are officially made!

While Cuc loves her quilting, she also loves to ski, bike, and hike. So you might just see her out on the trails, but you can also find her at the Saturday market near the northeast corner of 8th and State Street showing off her beautiful designs. Her quilts are also sold on her Etsy site, and you can further reach her through her Facebook site.