Featured Vendor: Hadija’s Farm

FRESH MARKETHadija Haji is part of a farming-focused non-profit called Global Gardens which encourages farmer participation at the Capital City Public Market. “Global Gardens is a program of the Idaho Office for Refugees. We strive to involve diverse families in healthy lifestyles and entrepreneurial training. We do so through the cultivation, harvest, cooking, eating, and sales of fresh, healthy [chemical-free] produce. We connect the food needs of diverse families with resources to grow and market food.”

Hadija (http://www.globalgardensboise.org/farmer-stories.html) was born in Somalia, but fled to a Kenyan Refugee Camp once the violence began in her home country. Hadija and her family, which is now composed of seven children and her husband, arrived in the United States in July of 2004. Hadija also brought with her great farming experience and continues to utilize her impressive skills with Global Gardens. She became involved with the Global Gardens program because she wished to learn about growing vegetables she was not accustomed to and to increase her experience with American farming practices. It is also important to her to have fresh vegetables to cook with and to share with family and friends. She says some of the produce we grow here such as tomatoes, onions, beans, and watermelons are grown in Somalia. Others like arugula, lettuce mix, and basil are new and different. If you visit Hadija’s garden you will see she has mastered the growing of these plants she has been introduced to. Hadija’s favorite vegetables to grow are broccoli, kale, radishes, and lettuce mixes so be sure to look out for these when she has them. You can try her delicious fresh produce for yourself at the Capitol Street Market on Saturdays at the market.