Featured Vendor: Hiking Idaho

Vendor featureScott Marchant has been hiking since he can remember. What started out as a simple love of nature and hiking, as well as a hobbyist’s dream to write guide books, turned into a full blown business full of guide books, post cards, and calendars.

He found his passion for writing guide books blooming when he lived in Stanley, and so his first book is based off of his love of Stanley. His following three books include photography and trails of Sun Valley/Ketchum, McCall, and Boise. He also has just recently released his fifth book, which was a year and a half in the works, called The Hiker’s Guide Idaho’s Sawtooth Country. You can find more details on his website at www.HikingIdaho.com. Even while he is anticipating the release of his latest book, his mind and body are aching to get working on his sixth book, which is very much in the works already!

Scott’s favorite areas are the woods, whether that includes the woods in Idaho, the woods on Vancouver Island, or the woods in Thailand (a place he hopes to see someday). For Scott “part of the beauty of it is that you’re going so slow [that you can] see the bee on the wildflower, [and his] whole business and passion is to get people to hike… to experience [the] redemptive values of nature.”

For the cold weather of this winter season, nothing could be better than to dream about getting out into the beauty of the natural world and exploring! May Scott’s books, photos, and stories inspire you, and be sure to stop by the market in 2016 to meet Hiking Idaho! The market starts on April 16 2015!