Featured Vendor: Isha’s Farm

Isha MuyaFRESH MARKET (12) is part of a farming-focused non-profit called Global Gardens which encourages farmer participation at the Capital City Public Market. “Global Gardens is a program of the Idaho Office for Refugees. We strive to involve diverse families in healthy lifestyles and entrepreneurial training.  We do so through the cultivation, harvest, cooking, eating, and sales of fresh, healthy [chemical-free] produce. We connect the food needs of diverse families with resources to grow and market food.”

Isha moved to Boise from Kenya in 2004 with her husband, Abu. They have six children, including baby Najma who was born in March of 2015. Abu’s mother, Maka, was one of Global Gardens’ first farmers and the family joined the program after learning about it from and working with Maka. Isha loves farming and does it full-time in addition to taking care of her children. She especially likes to grow onions and kale and loves eating freshly-picked spinach. She farms a Global Gardens plot near Fairmont Junior High and, although Isha only started learning about growing vegetables when she got to the U.S., you would have trouble believing she hasn’t been growing vegetables her whole life once you’ve seen saw her gorgeous farm. Meet Isha, Abu, and their children at the Capital City Public Market to enjoy her produce