Featured Vendor: Lauren T. Kistner Arts


Lauren T. Kistner has been selling art for 12 years already! She grew up following her mother’s art career in stained glass and knew that she would one day follow the same path. It wasn’t long before she finished her art education at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington and finalized her entrance into the art world; although, she had already started her business prior to finishing school.

Lauren focused on two main artistic styles, textural mixed media paintings and nouveau illustrations. One is very meditative and the other is very controlled and super detailed. She will create using one medium until it drives her crazy, and then she’ll switch to the other until it drives her crazy. This process of alternating back and forth allows her to express all parts of herself.

Her various artistic creations have been greatly impacted by her mother’s stained glass work. Lauren’s watercolor illustrations could easily be seen as stained glass patterns, and her mixed media paintings are all about line, color, and texture. She also spends a fair amount of time out in nature swooning over Idaho’s geology which provides a non-stop palate of inspiration.

When asked who Lauren would choose if she could see her paintings in the home of anyone in the world, she opted for Jon and Mary Shirley from Washington. While in college, she was able to visit their house and their art collection which included automatic light sensors that opened and closed the blinds in order to protect the art. Of course, Lauren is also fond of Dolly Parton and couldn’t say no to seeing Dolly enjoy one of her pieces.

For those lovers of art who want to find Lauren’s work, they can schedule an appointment and actually visit her studio in Nampa. Her work can also be found on her website, through Etsy, at Art Source Gallery in downtown Boise, at various art shows, and also a couple times a year at the Saturday market.