Featured Vendor: Lavish

Featured VendorDebby Nyhof fell into soap making during her child-rearing years as she worked to raise her four children on a hobby farm with her husband. They both encouraged the use of anything natural, especially skin care products.

When the children grew up, Debby found herself with extra free time and decided to build her already established hobby of making soap. At first she only made simple, scent-free soaps, but eventually she expanded to adding amazing oils to her soaps, and she says, “I [just] got addicted.”

With an excess of soap and nobody left to give them away to, Debby decided to venture into selling her soaps. She’s now sold in various places across the country, and people come to the Saturday market in search of her products. She’s been selling with the market locally since 2012.

Debby has also expanded into selling coconut wax-based candles which can be found in the same scents as her eight most popular soaps. Her favorite soap to make, and coincidentally also her most popular soap, is called Lively Lemon. Debby loves it because of its bright colors; it has a “sunny look.” Her next favorite soap is Sea Salt Eucalytpus which is great for softening the skin.

What Debby especially treasures is all the money that she donates through her soap business. One of her children has been living in Cambodia for two years working with an organization called Destiny Rescue which helps victims of sex trafficking. Many of the proceeds from Lavish soaps go to this organization, and some soaps offer a 100% donation rate. You can find this information on her website through her Soap for Hope page.

Additionally, while she loves donating internationally, Debby can also be found donating her soaps to a local organization called Chrysalis which is women’s domestic abuse shelter.

Debby really is an amazing woman who is involved in great work, and her soaps are simply delightful! Come find her this summer at the Saturday market which starts up again on April 16.