Featured Vendor: Lime and a Coconut

FEATURESararak and Mike, owners of Lime and a Coconut which serves Thai food at the market, began their business just this year! In fact, at the opening day of the market this year on April 16, their business took its first leap out into the world. They’ve been quite successful since then!

Sararak, who is from Northeast Thailand, is the head chef out of the two, and she trained under a master chef in Alaska for a year with the dream of opening her own business at the market. This venture started as a child when she would cook with her family every night. Her family valued cooking, and thus never ate out, since her father grew all of the food they needed including vegetables, rice, fruits, herbs, and fish. In fact, Sararak comes from a family of professional chefs, and she was told by her aunt, also a chef, that she could make money off of the meals that she had made for her aunt. She was right!

For those who love Thai food and want some tips on making it the best it can be, Sararak recommends using fish sauce, whole bunches of herbs, and making sauces and curries by hand. These things and more make Thai chefs especially great at their jobs, and this is because they know how to balance all 6 flavors: pungent, salty, sweet, astringent, sour, and bitter. Because of these amazing feats of Thai dining, Sararak plans to return to Thailand to train further with the chefs in her own family, and while she’s there she’ll likely dine on her favorite food of minced meat salad which is called Lahp as well as dine on spicy sour papaya salad with fermented fish.

For those looking for more Thai goodness, Lime and a Coconut also offers catering, cooking classes, and even gift certificates. They can be found through their website (listed as Maitri House Yoga), their Facebook page, at various festivals around Boise including Art in the Park, and also at the Saturday market across from the Capital building.

On an additional note, Lime and a Coconut is a part of Maitri House Yoga, LLC, which offers workshops, classes and retreats on meditation and yoga, psychology, health, and wellness. They even lead cultural immersion trips to Thailand with amazing teachers and authors. With both businesses, Sararak and Mike combine their love of food, culture, health and well-being and are very excited to bring their services to Boise.