Featured Vendor: Little Kitchen Pastries

FEATURED VENDORThis featured vendor article was written by one of our 2015 market employees, Eileen Stachowski.

Business has been so busy that John & Kay Fernandes often wake up at 1:30 am on Saturday mornings to bring you the fresh baked goods at the Capital City Public Market. Some of their most popular items include caramel pecan rolls, cinnamon rolls, fruit danishes, and several varieties of croissants. For customers who visit the market later in the morning it is not uncommon to stop by their booth Little Kitchen Pastries, and find it accompanied by a “sold out” sign.

John and Kay began baking at home for fun but their friends quickly started making special orders and insisting they had a product worth selling. Their business began in 2011 and their storefront in Meridian opened in 2013. Baking in 18 square feet of convection ovens, John says his product stands out because they make 6 different types of dough specific to each pastry. The dough John creates for his croissant recipe requires 22 total hours to make. Among other steps in the process he must fold the dough four times which amounts to the creation of 1000+ layers! If you try any of his croissants you will be convinced that the extra time and care required to do this are worth every bite!

Little Kitchen Pastries can be found in Meridian at their store front location at 433 N. Main Street as well as at the Saturday market. Be sure to mark April 16 on your calendar for our 2016 opening day, which is in just one and a half weeks!