Featured Vendor: Memory Sisters

featureMarcia and Heidi have been known as the Memory Sisters since 2003. They are sisters-by-choice specializing in hand-painted and dyed scarves as well as up-cycled garments, toys, and accessories from felted wool and denim. Each silk scarf starts whit and becomes a unique, wearable painting.

The two met through the Boise Peace Quilt Project, which led to them dyeing fabrics together. They also both enjoy weaving, sewing, and making jewelry. They shared some adventures with the New Old Time Chautauqua (a traveling community of vaudevillians and social change artists), and they’ve been hooked ever since on the fun and value of working together.

Marcia and Heidi are inspired by their gardens, pets, friends, and life experiences.  Marcia paints sunflowers, ephemeral dragonflies, mountainscapes, and her chickens.  Heidi specializes in delinquent dog adventures, girlfriends, and everything polk-a-dot. The two ladies could never choose just one color or offend a color by leaving it out!  The interplay of color and pattern are still compelling for them after all these years, and they like painting and stitching things which encourage people to become fuller versions of themselves and more self-expressive. We could all benefit from that! Their customers invite the Memory Sisters into their lives; ordering scarves to celebrate weddings, births, memorial, and beloved pets.

If they had time off Marcia would experiment with new surface design materials, and she’d read more! Heidi would go study with one of her
textile heroes, plant a dye garden, or do more art with children. To learn more about these women and what they make you can find them
through their website, through their Facebook, simply by calling them (208-870-1035 [Marcia] & 208-866- 2938 [Heidi]), or by stopping in for a visit at the Saturday market, across the street from the Capitol building.