Featured Vendor: Nature’s Indulgence

FEATURENature’s Indulgence began selling its delectable granola since 2011. It started out as a dream by owner Doug Sanders which was spurred by his father working in the grain industry as an oat specialist. The family familiarity with oats, coupled with finishing culinary school and quickly learning about a vacant bakery, landed Doug in Utah creating his first granola masterpieces. He has since moved his business to Idaho and plans to  start sourcing Idaho grown and milled grains.

At the beginning of 2016 Doug brought Tianna onto his team as the sales and marketing director. She double majored at the University of Idaho in advertising and Consumer Science and then moved to Boise looking for a small company who needed her expertise. She specifically wanted to help a small business grow, and she delightedly found Nature’s Indulgence.

Doug’s favorite granola is Nutberry Maple while Tianna is fond of Lemon Blueberry, They both agree that the granola goes well with yogurt, ice cream, milk/milk substitutes, and it also goes well as an additive to recipes such as a topping for cobblers and verrines. They also hope to expand their granola options eventually as too to include sugar free granola, protein/vitamin granola, mueslis, cookie mixes, and granola bars.

While Doug and Tianna enjoy the granola life, they both have passions beyond it. Doug would love to go take culinary classes in both Japan and France. He has always been passionate about culinary arts and greatly admires both the classical French and Japanese disciplines. Tianna, on the other hand, enjoys spending time with her 2-year old daughter and hopes to spend more time with her family in Palouse, Washington as well as possibly coach another year of high school volleyball.

While they’ve got dreams upon dreams, this amazing duo continues to accomplish amazing feats with the granola business. You can find them through their website, the Canyon County Coop, Idaho’s Bounty, and in front of Bittercreek during the Saturday market.