Featured Vendor: Potter Wines

FEATUREPotter Wines, owned by Crystal and Von Potter, started out as just a fun idea back in 2008. It wasn’t until 2012, however, that the business of wine-making officially began. They knew their wine was something special when they started winning amateur wine competitions, and they took a leap of faith and decided to go big with their wine. It turned out to be a great time, especially because at that time the wine industry in Idaho was really taking off.

All of their wines use local ingredients, and the recipes are concocted by Crystal and Von. Their favorite wines to make are their jalapeno wines, because they’re completely different than what anyone else is doing. These wines require some extra steps and creativity to the wine-making process, which means the winemakers are constantly on their toes.

As far as drinking wine, their favorites include deep, bold, chewy reds, but they also love their own creations. Von loves sipping on a glass of his Chipotle Jalapeno Wine while tending to the grill in the summer, and Crystal has been known to sling some jalapeno wine cocktails on the weekends!

“Not only do I love the work,” says Von “[but] watching people respond to all of our wines is tremendous. It has been a very rewarding journey, and I am very happy we decided to do it.” They both feel “absolutely grateful to the community [they’ve found at the farmers’ market. The ability to meet and reach so many people and working with local businesses has been fundamental to [their] growth.” In fact, they’ve enjoyed being winemakers so much that they now dream of traveling to the wine regions of the world including Chile, Tuscany, and Germany.

For those wine-lovers who are dying to try some of this fabulous wine, you can find Potters Wine through their website, at both co-ops, Whole Foods, Hilltop Station, Angell’s Bar & Grill Renato, Amsterdam Lounge, Cheerleader’s, Fred Meyer in Garden City, and of course at the Saturday market.