Featured Vendor: Ramona’s Flower Farm

This featured vendor article was written by one of our frequent customers, Ruth Knox.

FRESH MARKET (15)You need only to talk with Bob for a few minutes to realize that he has flowers in his blood. Even if he never opened his mouth, you’d know, just by watching him arrange flowers for display at Capital City Public Market. And Ramona? Well she’s a people person who takes great pride and joy in making the world a better place by getting their home grown flowers into the hands of eager buyers. Together, Bob and Ramona make up the team and partnership of Ramona’s Flower Farm. Theirs is a small mom and pop operation on a couple of acres in Caldwell, Idaho.

When their flowers make their appearance at the market on Saturdays, they are freshly-cut and Bob goes to work immediately starting to make bouquets for sale that day. No sooner than he can put out his bouquets, they are snapped up by eager shoppers who are mesmerized by the diversity and quality of the flowers they grow. When I met with them [during the 2015 season], the big show stoppers were the vibrant, purple globe thistles. They reminded me of something that might come from another planet, rather than from a little farm in Caldwell.

The Wallaces grow 40 – 50 varieties of flowers on their farm, always trying new kinds with an eye for the unusual. Plants are mostly allowed to grow naturally without spraying, except for a few that the earwigs especially favor, and with those, there is no choice.

When Bob was downsized a few years back, he went back to school for another degree, this time in horticulture, and also took a flower arranging course. He was brought up by a mother who grew a spectacular old fashioned English garden at her home, and who worked at Edward’s Greenhouse for 15 years. It was only natural that he would be drawn to this business. And Ramona loves home and family and all things beautiful. With her love of people, she was a natural for this business as well. So [six] years ago [as of the 2016 season] Ramona’s Flower Farm was born. As Bob adds dryly, “It sounded a lot better than Bob’s Flowers”. They sell to florists in the Valley, and provide flowers for weddings and other special events.

Up until they added a greenhouse in 2015, every January they filled their house with thousands of seedlings, which would live there until they were ready to go outside in the Spring. Ramona’s Flower Farm joined the ranks at Capital City Public Market in August of [2014], and they finally feel like they have found their home. They do a brisk business every week, and selling out is not unusual. Repeat customers come back for their weekly flower fix, and some care and feeding advice for their prized bouquets. Next time you’re enjoying the pleasure of strolling through the market, stop by and say hi to Ramona and Bob… Just look for the booth with the fresh bouquets, and Ramona’s beautiful smile. [Also get ready for the opening of the market this weekend!]