Featured Vendor: Rusty Junquers

Rusty Junquers Vendor FeatureCambray and Stuart Guarino are the proud owners of Rusty Junquers. If you’ve ever seen one of those Idaho-shaped painted signs that has a heart over Boise, you’ve probably come across their work.

Their business is rather young, in comparison to many of the vendors at the market. They started building, repurposing, and salvaging furniture in 2011, and they then stepped forward to become “The Rusty Junquers” in 2012. Only one year later, in 2013, did they join the Capital City Public Market.

They work toward a philosophy of using 100% salvaged and recycled wood for their products which they find at local salvage yards, online, and even along the road. “[They] love to reuse, recycle and up cycle anything [they] can.” Together they design and paint all of their pieces.

Another great part of their business is all the extra bits they create, not all of which can be found at the market so be sure to check out their website.Their list of products is limitless and includes various types of furniture, cutting boards, iPad stands, signs (every kind of sign), herb labels, longboards, coat racks, coasters, and more. With each passing year, their product lines increase, and this year they hope to create a new product line which has yet to be revealed, so stay tuned!

When Cambray and Stuart aren’t working hard at their business they’re staying busy enjoying their family. They have four children, ages 3 to 14, along with three dogs. Someday, they hope to find some free time and travel to Italy.

In the meantime, they’re faithfully selling their products at the market every Saturday. Their favorite part of the market is all the great people they get to meet. Cambray says, “We are truly blessed. We have the most amazing customers! It’s because of them that we get to do what we love.” Be sure to come see them this summer, and remember that the market opens April 16, 2016!