Featured Vendor: Sugar Whipped

FRESH MARKET (11)Mindy Haws is the wonderful baker at Sugar Whipped, and she’s been whipping up goodies with her business for just over 2 years now. She simply loves to bake, and once she moved to Boise in 2013 she decided to try her hand at opening her own business. Sugar Whipped bloomed out of selling just 12 brownies a month to Bleubird!

Mindy will make anything and everything just to bring people happiness, and it is this happiness that forms the building blocks of her sugary foundation. She has created many of her own recipes from years of experimenting, and many other recipes are found among longtime favorites that she has put her own touches on. She even spent years working on getting a plain chocolate chip cookie to be exactly how she thought one should taste, including the texture, flavor, and even the look of the cookie.

Baking can be tricky, according to Mindy. It’s all science.  It has to be perfect and done just right! She’s created some of her items based on important people in her life. “The Diego” is named after my husband, and it’s a spicy Mexican cookie. “The Kindred Spirit” was created after a dear friend and is made from bourbon butterscotch shortbread which are three of her friend’s favorite things. Creating new items after people is one of her favorite things to do! If you tell her a little about yourself, she’ll even create up a special cookie just for you!

Mindy loves the outdoors, and so when she’s not whipping up goodies, she’s enjoying her time under the sun. In the meantime, you can find her through her website as well as try her sweets at many locations throughout Boise including Boise Co-op, Bleubird, Dawson Taylor, The District, Aerocaffe, Frog’s Fix, Tree City Smoothie, The Coffee Studio, Caffe Capri, Broadway Deli, Slow by Slow, Snake River Tea, and of course at the Saturday Market. For those folks heading to Salt Lake City, be sure to visit The Red Moose to find her sweets there as well!

For Mindy Boise has been a dream come true! She feels that it has been such a positive, great experience to start a business for the first time, and all of the great business relationships that she has made have been such a fulfilling experience which she will forever be grateful for.