Featured Vendor: Sweet Valley Cookie

SVC Vendor FeatureHeidi Tilby, owner of Sweet Valley Cookie, has been rolling in the dough for 10 years now. She was always fond of baking, and as a new mother (and now a mother of three) she decided to explore her passion further. Her business started small, and she baked solely for Zen Bento which featured her three best cookies: chocolate chip, ginger, and chocolate crinkle. It wasn’t long before her cookies created a scene and she moved into her very own commercial kitchen, bought her very own KitchenAid (since she was mixing only by hand at that time), and went to work making more cookies than she could have ever dreamed of making.

Heidi now owns her own storefront in downtown Eagle which opened in 2010; although, she sells primarily through wholesale. She’s also expanded her cookie line to include her famous Brookie which is a treat that comes as a brownie on the bottom and a cookie on the top. She also specializes in cookies that she would enjoy which tends to be the pink sugar cookie, but generally she prefers the dough over the fully baked good anyway. Heidi’s not a fan of walnuts though, so don’t expect to find any cookies with that ingredient in them.

If you’re dying for a sweet from Sweet Valley Cookie, you can find them through her website as well as at the Morrison Center, at Boise state football games, at various cafes/eateries around Boise, and of course at the Saturday Market in front of the capital building. In fact, if you stop by the market, you’ll get to try her M&M cookies and her butterscotch coconut cookies which can only be found on Saturdays.