Featured Vendor: The Flaming Avocado

Flaming AvocadoSarah VanCuren has been in the Guacamole business since 2011. She started working for herself for several reasons, namely that she was very tired of the corporate lifestyle and making money for other people. Sarah wanted to do something that she loved which is to make good food while also having a career that could work around her family.

Her cooking talents were highly prized by her friends, and every time she would make her guacamole for parties everyone raved about it. People further encouraged her to sell her product, and she finally decided to jump in feet first. The rest is history, and the Saturday market has been the answer to her prayers!

Sarah says that her guacamole goes with most everything. People put it on chips, tacos, hamburgers, burritos, eggs, sandwiches, and even pizza! It is her dream one to day to have several kinds of Guacamole from mild to spicy available for purchase.

Sarah truly she loves what she does and loves having the opportunity to meet so many people on Saturdays. She’s excited to share her guacamole with the community, which can only be purchased at the Capital City Public Market. Be sure to stop by and try out her delicious food, and be sure to mark April 16, 2016 on your calendars as the opening day of the 2016 market season.