Featured Vendor: The Grey Fox

Featured VendorKatherine Grey has been an artist all of her life, inspired into her passions by artistic grandparents. During her youth she engaged in drawing, painting, and sculpting; however, it was printmaking that eventually caught her eye. This medium was introduced to her while she was attending Wellesley College for her Bachelors of Fine Art, and she has now been smitten with this medium for 10 years.

Katherine says that she prefers to focus on imagery of animals and places that have held a significant meaning for her. She then goes on to sketch imagery for long periods until she comes up with a black and white design that captures the intricate details of the image. Once perfected, she’ll carve the image into wood or linoleum by hand and then roll ink onto the carved block and press it into handmade papers. Once this has been completed, she may also go back and watercolor them, often using bold colors like reds, blacks, turquoises, and ochres (or earthy tones). Truly her artistic talent is quite involved, and it shows in her beautiful designs.

While linocuts have been Katherine’s long-time passion, she’s excited to start pursuing another form of printmaking, making collographs. ” A collograph refers to a collage of materials glued on to a ‘printing plate,’ which is a square of cardboard or other flat material. When the glue is dry, it is shellaced or varnished so that it can be inked. Paper is then pressed onto the surface to produce a very textural print.” Soon you may be able to find some if her amazing work in this unique form too.

When Katherine daydreams, she thinks of all the great printmaking techniques that she could explore in Asia. While she may not be visiting there anytime soon, she’ll certainly be showcasing her amazing work on Saturdays at the market, which she’s been doing since 2008. Come by and see her as she’s there most weeks or stop by her website and find her there.