Featured Vendor: Torched Glassworks

Featured VendorKylee Koenig is an amazing glass artist who has been selling her glass through her business Torched Glassworks LLC since 2010. Before this time she undertook an apprenticeship at a local glass studio, Boise Art Glass, where she learned the basics of lampworking. In 2009 she became the Manager at Boise Art Glass and remained so until 2016 when she began to focus more on her own work.

Kylee graduated from Boise State University in 2015 earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in printmaking, but her passion continues to center around making glasswork. The inspiration for her work always comes from the natural world and the abundant mountains, rivers, and trees that she calls home.

What Kylee enjoy most about working with glass is that the possibilities are endless. She believes that there is always something new to learn. There are a lot of mistakes you have to make before you achieve your goal, and Kylee finds it to be a very humbling medium.

She’s currently working on a series called “Effervescent” which revolves around bubbles. It takes a great amount of time to apply each dot to the surface and melt it smooth while also leaving a small bump. She enjoys finding different ways to give texture to a medium that is well known for it’s smooth and shinning surface, and her favorite colors to use include classic vintage glass colors such as grey and green.

Kylee looks forward to learning from artists from all over the world, and the products of her amazing inspirations can be foundĀ found at Art Source Gallery, art festivals in the Northwest, through her website, and on Saturday’s at the Market.