Featured Vendor: Tracie McBride Arts

FEATURETracie McBride, one of our lovely mosaic artisans, began her artistic career by creating mixed media collages in 1997. It was in this same year that she sold her first piece. She’s since morphed her creative work into creating polymer clay mosaics and then moved into creating glass. For about the last 4 years she has mostly been working with glass and making glass mosaics.

Tempered glass intermixed other things like glass gems, beads, ceramic tiles, broken jewelry and many other fun objects is Tracie’s favorite artistic avenue. She often finds her fun pieces at second hands stores, and she then repurposes them into bits of her mosaic art. It is the pure joy of using her creative imagination that is especially compelling for her as an artisan.

One of Tracie’s prized pieces was completed in 2013 when she created a mixed media mosaic with polymer clay and glass from the Union Block Building in downtown Boise. She had hopes of sharing the 23” mosaic with Alexa Rose Howell (as she and her husband Ken owned the building), but Alexa had passed shortly before the piece was completed.

While mosaics may be her ultimate passion. Tracie still enjoys dreaming of traveling to Europe, as she’s already been to England, France, Spain and Italy doing art/architecture explorative trips. Prague and India are the next adventures on her list.

For those looking to see more of Tracie’s artwork, they can visit her website or her Facebook page. She also enjoys selling at the Ketchum Arts Festival, Art in the Park, through her home studio, and of course at the Saturday market near the northeast corner of 8thand State Street.