Featured Vendor: Traditional Stitches

FEATURE TRADITIONALMorning Alexander is the proud owner of her young business, Traditional Stitches, which specializes in sewed baby and child products. The 2016 summer season is her first regular season at the market, aside from her great start during the winter season of 2015.

Just nine months ago Morning became inspired to start her own business after gaining tons of experience first, sewing children’s items as a young teen to make extra money during the summer, and later on, working for a small business making heirloom children’s clothing, as well as sewing for her two young kids. Hence, Traditional Stitches was born!

She especially enjoys sewing bags and outfits, and it seems she favors colorful, fun and contrasting prints including florals, geometrics, nautical themes and animals. Morning says that she loves pairing prints, colors and styles as art and that it’s a great feeling to see something come together in a beautiful way. With that in mind, most of the designs are created by Morning, while some have been passed down to her.

Morning believes that handmade items are extra special because they are personal, relational, and unique. Morning’s goal has been, above all, to maintain a standard of craftsmanship where each item is inspected, seams are reinforced, and fabric is of higher quality so that the end result is a product that is functional, beautiful, and long lasting.

When she’s not sewing up a storm, Morning enjoys spending time with her family along with gardening, canning, caring for her animals, staying involved with her church community, and traveling when she can find the time.

You can find her products on her Facebook site as well as her soon-to-open Etsy store, and of course she has now become a regular vendor at the Saturday market and can be found on the eastern half of 8th St. between Jefferson and State Street.