Featured Vendor: Waterwheel Gardens

featured vendorThis featured vendor article was written by one of our frequent customers, Ruth Knox.

For the Williams family, Waterwheel Gardens isn’t just their family business. It’s their shared passion, and 2016 commemorates the 21 year anniversary of their farm. Roxine’s eyes light up when she tells me about how they took their small farm and grew it together as a family, into a thriving, well organized enterprise. A decade of bringing fresh, natural, produce to the people of Idaho from their local farm in Emmett is cause for celebration.

What first caught my eye about the Waterwheel Gardens booths at the Capital City Public Market was the abundance of fresh fruit, berries, vegetables, herbs, plants, and fresh cut flowers. During the spring of 2015, I found little lilac bushes amongst their starter plants! Their booths just beg you to come explore, and their offerings change with the growing season. You never know what each week will bring.  In addition to their fresh produce you will find many specialty items. In their farm’s commercial kitchen, they prepare tasty varieties of low sugar jams and jellies made with organic cane sugar. Their sugar content is about half of what you would find in regular jam. Their Jalapeño Raspberry Jelly is a big hit with customers. There is also canned fruit, dried fruit, unique varieties of applesauce, more! For a refreshing treat while at the market, pickup a made-on-the-spot fruit parfait with fresh berries in season and a generous helping of whipped cream. It doesn’t get any fresher than that!

You will find two locations of Waterwheel Gardens at the Capital City Public Market… Williams family members serve the steady stream of customers in both of these locations. You will usually find Kurtis and Roxine (the mom and pop of this operation) there, along with several of their grown children, all pitching in to help make the business a success. No matter how busy the day gets, they always make time to chat for a minute with a repeat customer, or explain their gardening practices and philosophy to someone new. With this kind of excellence in quality and customer service, it is no wonder that in 2014 they won the Capital City Public Market award for “Best of the Market, Agriculture.” The award banner is proudly displayed at their booth.

In addition to the farm fresh offerings at their market booths, Waterwheel Gardens has a “MCSA” program (Market Community Supported Agriculture) “Buy what you want, when you want at the Market” Loyal customers will always have a bounty of freshfarm products to choose from each week, all season long.. Come on down to the market and they will be happy to explain it to you, and answer any questions you may have. While you’re there, don’t forget to pick up a fragrant bouquet of flowers, and a garden-fresh berry parfait!