Featured Vendor: Weaving Colors

Weaving Colors Featured VendorWeaving Colors is a business that has been in the making since 1972 for both Bev and Linda who are co-owners. At least that’s when they both first took to weaving, but it wasn’t until many years later that they’d come together and form Weaving Colors.

Bev took to weaving after studying art and honing her talents in an artistic craft that required no electricity, which happened to work with her traveling lifestyle. She considers “weaving [to be] challenging and exciting because of color and texture interplay, and solitary and calming in the process.”

Meanwhile, Linda came into the profession through her love of cowboy gear, and she has made many great horse saddle blankets over the years. She hopes to one day see actor Sam Elliott’s horse using one of her colorful blankets, preferably in the colors of black, grey, and red.  She says that “it’s amazing to see a finished product emerge right before your eyes, knowing it started with just a germ of an idea and a pile of yarn.”

For both women, their inspiring patterns turned into a lucrative business when they found that customers fell in love with their kitchen towels, scarves, shawls, and more often seen at the market each Saturday.

When they’re not weaving, they both dream of traveling with Linda exploring new weaving techniques and Bev sitting in the shade with a good book and listening to the birds.