Featured Vendor: Alsek Fish – Brandt & Kaytlynn Graber

Interviewed: 04.25.15 by Eileen Stachowski

The Alsek River is located in Glacier Bay National Park outside of Yakutat Alaska therefore making it a remote location without electricity or running water. During the summer months the employees of Alsek Fish  are among the 12 boats allowed to fish the glacier waters for salmon. During each week of the 8 week season, the crew is only given one 24 hour period to fish the river which results in a long day of work. This salmon is an all natural, sustainable source of fish that the Alsek Fish family wants to be around for many generations.

Last Saturday, Kaytlynn and Brandt Graber told me about their favorite way to cook their salmon which is perfect for new and experienced cooks alike. The “cook it frozen” method involves seasoning the salmon (try Montreal steak seasoning), wrapping it in tinfoil, and baking it in the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 15-20 minutes. More information on the “cook it frozen” method for all types of fish visit: http://www.wildalaskaseafood.com/slideshow/cook-it-frozen/ .

The crew is about to head north once again but you can get their products at the Capital City Public Market until May 9th, 2015. They will return in October. Visit Alsek during the 2015 Capital City Public Market season on the 8th Street block between Idaho St. and Jefferson St.

Pat and Kaytlynn

Pat and Kaytlynn

Pat & Brandt

Brandt & Pat