Apple Lucy Bakery

Capital City Public Market
featuring Apple Lucy’s Bakery
by Ruth Knox

Even in the busy outdoor setting of the Capital City Public Market, you can smell the tempting aroma of homemade pies before you get anywhere near Apple Lucy’s booth. That’s because four generations of one family in Parma, Idaho spend all week working from scratch to bring you homemade pies like grandma used to make. I hear the secret is in their special crust recipe, and the abundant local fruit and berries that are tucked inside.

They sell mini pies at the market, a fresh and sweet little treat for one or two, or full sized pies that can satisfy an entire family. As I read the labels listing the variety, my mouth began to water. You can choose from boysenberry, cherry, strawberry rhubarb, and many more, including their biggest seller, Dutch apple. In season, depending on local crops, you may also be treated to the luxury of a fresh peach or pumpkin pie. If you need a gluten-free crust, those too are available, but only by special order. You can place your order at the Saturday market, or you can call ahead to pick it up the next week, (208)722-5511.

When you arrive at their booth, you will most likely be greeted by Holly. She is the gracious young woman in the Apple Lucy’s apron, who tends the booth with her grandfather, “Doc.” Both are warm and inviting, and happy to answer any of your questions and help you find just the right pie. This family has been selling their delectable creations at the Capital City Public Market for ten years now.

Now, with a name like Apple Lucy’s Bakery, you would think that Lucy was a family member. Well, that is true. Sort of. The name came from their dear old family dog, Lucy, who loved eating apples, and from their beloved Appaloosa horses. From a love for these four legged family members, and an appreciation of a darned good pie, Apple Lucy’s was born.

The Davis family sells 125 to 150 assorted pies each week at the Capital City Public Market to eager customers, many of whom are loyal patrons. They make Apple Lucy’s a regular stop on their Saturday excursion, and have for years. You will find the booth adjacent to the 8th and Main building on the west side, right in front of Ruth’s Chris Steak House. Don’t worry about how to find it. The scent of fresh baking will lead you there.

It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t mention what Steve Davis shared with me, “98% of the time we are sold out at the Market.” So if you have a hankering for some good down home baking, make sure you get there early before the pies are all gone.